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Our Firm

Constance Financial Inc. is a Canadian investment management and advisory company with a strong expertise in risk management & derivatives.

Our team has in-depth expertise in risk manamement, hedging & quantitative strategies, having devised and implemented a wide range of them through a variety of market conditions and on different asset classes.

We are registered and regulated in the provinces of Quebec (Autorité des Marchés Financiers) and Ontario (Ontario Securities Commission)


Our Vision

In the risk-reward couple, risk is often the least understood.


LFC brings to its clients a niche expertise in the area of financial risk management and derivatives which marries a strong analytical approach with an in-depth qualitative understanding of market dynamics.


Our goal is to help our clients monetize our expertise through:

  • Rule-based investment strategies that are uncorrelated to risk assets and with risk management at their core.

  • Our financial risk-advisory and custom-solution services.


What We Do

We are Derivatives and Risk specialists

Alpha &

Investment Strategies

We offer “niche” absolute return investment strategies, destined to generate superior risk-adjusted returns using rule-based quantitative methods


and Risk Advisory

We help analyze exposures and identify hidden risks and devise hedging strategies to mitigate them



We help structure products and strategies tailored to deliver specific payout profiles for specific market conditions



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Main office: 1 rue des Parulines

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3080 Yonge Street, Suite 6060

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M4N 3N1

Montréal     +1 (438) 408-7812

Toronto        +1 (647) 255-8894

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